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    Adding virtual agent on epo 5.0 RTW build using Sim agent tool is causing system memory to shoot up and memory is never released even after restarting Tomcat services.

      I am using sim agent to Create virtual managed machine in the epo server to do some performance testing. But when I push virtual agent to epo server using sim agent the epo server tomcat process eats up lot of memory and do not free it up.


      My virtual agent has below properties

      Product installed --> vse 8.8, MA agent,nrc(next generation risk and compliance or eVM)agent(or PA agent)


      My observation are as mentioned below


      If I ad 10 system --> memory increases by ~900MB

      if I add 100 systems --> memory increases by ~2GB

      if I add 500 systems --> memory increases by ~4GB


      And the worst part is the tomcat process doesnt free up the memory at all. Due to this it is becoming difficult to verify the performance of various dashboard , and graphs.



      Is this an issue with the the tomcat process of not releasing the memory after sim agent adds all the virtual agents?


      please let me know is there any workaround or any epo Patch is being released to address this issue.


      please see the attached task manager screenshot for details.