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    Commtouch Command Anti-virus updates via epo


      Will the Commtouch Command Anti-virus update via ePO in MEG 7.5? If it does what files do I need to add to the repository. If it doesn't where does it pull it's updates from.



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          Hi achp,


          First of all my apologies for the delay in getting a response.


          As a best practice we suggest you allow the appliance unrestricted access to the Internet on ports 21 and 80/443 (this can also be through a proxy server if necessary) so it can access updates. Unfortunately it is not possible to update the Commtouch AV engine and DAT files from ePO so you need to allow the appliance to retrieve the files from the update servers. If you need a list of the relevant update servers I suggest you open a service request with technical support so they can provide you with the information required.


          Hope this helps.