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    cannot upgrade McAfee Antivirus (ePO) from 4.5 to 4.6


      Hello All,


      Currentlly running epo 4.5 on server 2003 r2 service pack 2 with sql server 2005 as database.
      Now when trying to upgrade 4.6 it fails to upgrade.


      attached mcafee logs

      Kindly suggest.




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          While I'm not an expert at looking at msi install logs, I see some indication that it might be realted to tomcat...

          Many times in the past, I had an issue where the install would just fail and roll back without any indication. What I found out was that setup was unable to stop the tomcat service.


          Easiest way is to monitor the install, when the install starts to stop services you'll see it stay there for a while. That's your cue to start task manager and terminate the tomcat process.