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    mcuicnt.exe - responsible for shutdown delays or freezing

      When the Windows VISTA home premium edition is shutting down, it either taskes a while OR freezes.


      I get the following screen image under the Performance Information and Tools:


      The dialogue box points the finger at mcuicnt.exe, as a McAfee program, and the source of the delay..


      When I click on the "VIew details in the event log" nothing happens.


      I don't have a McAfee product installed, nor can I find this mcuicnt.exe file on my computer.


      The following could not find and resolve the mcuicnt.exe issue:


      Mcafee Virtural Technican


      Norton Internet Security scan (in normal AND safe modes)

      Norton Eraser


      How should I proceed next to resolve this issue?

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          Peter M

          In Vista, Win 7 and 8 none of my McAfee installations are showing this performance warning, but to be honest I rarely hibernate my machine, because many programmes will not update properly nor will Windows do regular maintenance on its own without the occasional restart.


          I don't think those 2 Norton items, Security Scan and (Power) Eraser are compatible with any McAfee software anyway so are most likely not helping the situation.


          Check in Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program to see if (McAfee) Security Scan Plus is listed and if so uninstall it.  (Look under 'M' and 'S').


          If not you could try running the McAfee cleanup tool to see if it helps and reboot afterwards.


          If that doesn't help you might want to check directly with Technical Support regarding this, it's a free call, or online chat, and available via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          You may as well uninstall the MVT also.


          Edit: BTW Security Scan Plus installs as an option with lots of software (as does the Norton equivalent) such as Adobe products etc.  So keep your eyes open when installing them, even updates.










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            Thank you very much for your insight, help AND solution.


            I removed the McAfee Virtural Technician.


            The (McAfee) Security Scan Plus wasn't listed in the control panel area for Uninstall a Program... looking under "M" and "S" -- previously I was looking under the "M"s so the "S" suggestion was appreciated!)


            The Mcafee cleanup tool seemed to be the answer.




            Cheers, James


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              Peter M

              Glad it helped.  Good luck ;-)