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    How to download the product



      Please help, I have received a product key and a link where I should download an antivirus. But when I click on the link www.mcafee.com/mavw/retailcard it takes me to a website where I must buy a product not where I should download and activate it as the instruction says so. What should I do?

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          When does it ask that I followed that link and it asks for a product key. What happens when you fill the key in does it try to sell you the program then?

          It says

                                  Thank You For Purchasing McAfee AntiVirus                    


                                  Redeem your product key                   


                                  Please select your country and language.                   




                                  Enter the product key included with your McAfee software.                   


                                                          -                                                -                                                -                                                -                                                                   


          Is this what you see?



          If still an issue call customer service and they will help.


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            Thanks, I got it right. I started using another web browser  Thanks.

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              Which 1 worked and which did not for my info.