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    Issues installing Total Protection

      this is happening to me at the moment, the difference is i now have no internet security package installed at all and it wont let me reinstall mcafee as it says the download server is not working or something along those lines, before i had this problem the 1st time i noticed any problems with mcafee all access total protection was when the realtime scanning suddenly without warning switched off for no reason at all, this then extended later on to me not being able to scan for viruses at all and whe i go to reinstall it says can not continue download after saying could not fix threats


      this needs to be bumped up to the admins so that they can deal with it as i am currently typing this with no assurance that i wont get a virus so please sort this out as i paid for the top product believing that it would be better than norton which i uninstalled using the norton removal tool before using mcafee

      i have windows xp home edition sp3 if that helps with a intel atom processor and a intel gma 500 chipset