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    McAfee Upgrade

      This is going to sound stupid, but a few months ago my McAfee internet security 2012 license was about to expire and the night before it expired it said it will automatically upgrade if I restart the system. I'm asking what exactly happens once it upgrades because I'm about to fix an old laptop that is weak from alot of trojans and redirects the past year and I think the quarantined trojans came out of the program's control. I plan on re-quaranteeing the trojans using McAfee so I just want to know.

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          It would have simply upgraded whatever parts were scheduled to be upgraded.  Maybe the whole suite or merely a part of it.   It's not easy to tell after the fact but I would imagine it was upgrading from the 2012 to the 2013 version.


          Whatever version it was it is the latest one is always available on your account page assuming the account is current.