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    Automatic Replication


      Hi All,


      Please could someone help.


      We have noticed that since the 28th of June we have not received any updates. When we checked the EPO server we found that the Automatic Replication had not been carried out since this date. I have checked the Server Task Logs and they all appear fine, all configured properly etc. Has anyone got any idea of why this could have happened. We are not aware that there have been any network type issues and all the replications are to Super Agents at different sites.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          It's probably something you've already checked, but have you confirmed that in your replication task that there's no end date set?


          Other than that, do you actually see the task trigger in your task log?  I'm not sure whether your post is saying that the task just fails to start at all, or if it runs as normal but the files don't get updated?

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            Hi thatsnotme,


            I have already checked the replication task and it was set to never end. To try to kick things off I changed it to end on the 31/12/2013 in hope that the new changed date will activate the task again and kickoff the Rep Policy.


            I am unsure of where the task log is held. Could you let me know where this lives then i can check that also. Yes the Replication task has not started since 28th, and no replication of 6 SuperAgents have taken place. If I kick off a manual task that is fine.



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              Sorry, I meant to check the Server Task Logs.  In EPO, you have your Server Tasks, where you create and maintain tasks, and then the Server Task Log, which shows you when tasks have run, and whether they've been successful or not.  If the tasks simply aren't triggering, then they wouldn't show up in there.  If they do trigger but fail for some reason, you'd be able to see that.


              Have you tried just creating a brand new replication task from scratch?  Get rid of the existing task and see if a new task will run on schedule?

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                Hi thatsnotme,


                Thanks very much for your reply.


                I understand your answer now, and was a little confused as to where the logs were. I am fully aware of the Server Task Log and Server Task job setup utilities. When i check the Server Task Log I can see NO entry for the Replication Task. I was also wondering if the jobs when run are part of another log somewhere, for example in the ....mcafee\db\epo.logs? So that I could trouble shoot the problem? Or are the logs just kept in the Server task log?


                I did setup a new automatic replication job but this was unsuccesful and did not run, again no entry in the Server Task Log.


                If you have any other thoughts thanks.

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                  Sorry, I thought you'd probably be aware of the task log, but wasn't sure!


                  I can't see any logs outside of the server task log that might help you.  \DB\Logs\Replication.log from what I can see is only created / updated when the replication task has run, which doesn't help you much.


                  What version of EPO are you running?

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                    The epoapsrv.log will contain details about replication tasks - I would definitely check there if you have not already done so.


                    HTH -



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                      Thank you guys,


                      I did check the epoapsrv.log briefly but could not see any errors only something to do with Licencing which started to appear on the 28th when this problem first manifested itself. I did not look into it further as i did not believe it to be a licencing issue.


                      We are running EPO 4.6. if there is any further information i have missed please let me know, else, thanks very much for your contribution to this thread.

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                        Try and manually run a replication task, the attach the epoapsrv log here - we can take a look.


                        Thanks --



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                          Hi Joe,


                          Unfortunately we work on a secure system. We are not allowed to submit any logs via the internet. Thank.s for trying, I appreciated it.





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