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    Update question.


      I have had to do a DELL restore after I was hacked and the PC locked (it was the only thing that I could think of) all is going well although I am still updating Vista, my concern is that the McAfee showed as up to date and said I was protected but the ‘shred’ option does not show?? My McAfee account shows up as all details correct yet it has not had to d/l and install any updates since ‘Restore’ which seems odd to me.
      Could it have updated itself that quickly with out me knowing? The DELL restore put PC into the condition as when new.

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          Run the MVT to see if it fixes anything and if not try a complete uninstall, cleanup and reinstall as per this FAQ.

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            By the way, if you used System Restore successfully to get rid of an infection, you should temporarily disable it to get rid of the infected restore point.

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              Thanks Brit but it was a DELL restore which wipes everything and puts PC into the condition that it was in as new (5 years ago)  this is what is so puzzling plus the fact that all my McAfee account details are up to date i,e subscription dates etc. 6 months to run on that.

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                OK I understand.   If you are still having issues, contact Technical Support, they will be glad to help you and it's linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                  I will do a reinstallation to night and see what happens if no good will try Useful links, thanks.

                  btw I have just noticed that it is performing a scheduled scan which to me would suggest that it is working OK and when I click to check for updates it says it is up to date ??

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                    If you open SecurityCenter and it is green anbd says it's protecting, then you have nothing to worry about regarding its status.


                    All the best ;-)

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                      Security centre does say I am protected and up to date.

                      I have tried to get McAfee back to my pre restore settings rather than do a re install but the following snags have shown up:


                      a/. I used to get file shredder and scan to show on my menu (right click) but now I have scan but have to access shredder via tools is there a way to restore to right click menu?  


                      b/. When doing a search (google) each site would show that it had been checked by McAfee and was OK or not,  this is not showing now? Can this be reactivated?


                      Lastly if I have to uninstall (which I can do) how do I reinstall ?? I still have the original installation CD that came with the PC in 2008 but of course is now obsolete.

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                        Siteadvisor is a browser add-on so you could check to see if it's disabled.


                        As far as Shred goes - it should appear if you right-click any file or folder, if it isn't try first to run the Virtual Technician to see if it fixes things.


                        http://mvt.mcafee.com/ as I suggested earlier on.


                        If that fails to help, then uninstall via Control Panel > Programs


                        Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.


                        Reinstall from your online account.


                        (Also suggested earlier)


                        Good luck ;-)

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                          After a very frustrating day I can report McAfee up and running.
                          None of the help programs that you gave would d/l or the actual suite itself the d/l would get to 99% and a warning came up as the “McAfee set up.exe contained a virus and had been deleted” McAfee eventually told me the trouble was with “Malwarebytes” which a computer repair technician had suggested I install a few days prior (he must have been after work) this program just will not remove with ‘Vista prog remove’ also you can not delete from program files so I had to do another system restore, so a warning keep away from that program. 
                          Thanks for your input Ex Brit  PS below is the warning .... right at the bottom


                          McAfee warning.JPG

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