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    Server and client communcating but unmanaged status still shows on ePO 5




      I'm having a problem with ePO 5.

      Some machines stopped the communication with the server in May of this year.


      Today I've created a new server and installed the McAfee Agent on it.

      The agent was installed, and I give the "Wake up agent" command...


      Look how the machine is on my ePO:




      So I couldn't install VirusScan on it using ePO.

      But when I've installed it manually and told it to update... it gives me the right info about my ePO server and updated the product.


      When I try to show the agent log, it opens normally:




      And still no "managed" status on the ePO...

      I'm worried about something else not working anymore.


      Whe have ePO 5.0 since April of this year and it was working fine til now.


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