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    The sensor is now in a disabled state. (by policy).

      Here's the short version of a long story. Our EPO server decided to throw a wobbly 2 days ago it put all the existing managed systems in the rogue area (possibly some corruption of the database?). At this point I decided to install a fresh and up to date version however I only have server 2003 so EPO 5.x is not available to me. After installing the latest 4.6.x version I cannot get a rogue sensor to start detecting systems. I've done all the software update from the software - software manager, I've then clicked the download link to manually install a rogue sensor on my PC, however it never seems to start and always stays in a disabled state. Have I missed a step somewhere?

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          It would be worth looking at the local rogue sensor log file to try an determine why it's doing that. Look for:

          /<Sensor Install folder>/logs/rssensor_<host name>.log


          Something else to consider is that sensors will be told to 'switch off' automatically if there are more than the required number on a given network segment for example.

          Default =2 per subnet I believe, but that's adjustable. Maybe this network is covered by others already ?