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    ePO 5.0 not giving the option to synch to AD?


      Hi all -


      we are just in the process of configuring a new ePO 5.0 installation. When we come to trying to sych part of the system tree with an AD OU containing test workstations we can configure it no problem, however we do not get the option to synchronize now (the button remains greyed out):



      As you can hopefully see from the screenshot, we can browse the AD structure no problem (via a registered LDAP server, tried two of these) and select OUs to add (I've tried a few of these too) - I can save the Synch Settings and they remain in place, just can't synch them!! Server tasks does not give me the option to create an AD/Domain synch task either, it just isn't listed.


      Any ideas? I'm probably missing something really obvious but I'm stumped :-(




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