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    4.5 Agents don't update since ePO 5.0 upgrade

      We recently upgraded our 4.5 ePO to ePO 5.0.


      All went well, but our clients refuse to download the updates from our repository

      - catalog.z is corrupt.


      After several tests and tries we noticed that it is a problem of the Agent.

      Clients with Agent4.5 refuse with the catalog.z corrupt error.


      Newly added or updated clients with Agent4.8, seem to have no issue with that.


      Do we really have to update all our clients with the new Agent or is there another way to get them back to update?

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          This is an emerging issue. We will have a fix for this in EPO 5.0.1 when it is available. If you cannot wait for that you can contact support and open a service request to get a POC released to you which will address the issue in EPO 5.0.0. The immediate workaround is to upgrade all agents to MA 4.6 or higher where you will not see the issue.


          A KB is in the works but it has not been published yet.


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