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    Windows XP hangs after McAfee update

      Hi I hope someone will be able to help, I have had a look through the discussions and can't find my problem so opening it up.


      I have McAfee and my OS is Windows XP, for some reason over the past few months my computer hangs on the Windows is shutting down page and I have to manually turn off from the power button, after a mamoth excersize of trying to figure out why this is I have narrowed it down to McAfee as if I turn on my computer and let the automatic upgrade happen then do what I want to do and try to shoutdown it hangs, however, if I do what I want to do and let the automatic update happen afterwards and then turn my computer off it will shutdown without a problem, anyone have any ideas on this one?





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          Peter M

          it could be that your system is on or around the minimum system requirements for the software to function easily but the best people to judge that would be Technical Support, which is free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Meanwhile I suggest you turn off automatic updating and allow the software to inform you when an update is available.


          Open SecurityCenter

          Click Updates then Update Settings







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            Been seeing the same thing here for the past week or so. It started just after upgrading from Security Center 11.6 to 12.1. It does not always happen , but when it does , the system hangs on the shutting down screen requiring a manual power down. I'm also using Win XP.

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              jmckee says this started after an upgrade to McAfee 12.1 - is that when it started on your PC?

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                It is possible that a new install after a reinstall would fix this. I feel letting Mcafee upgrade 11.6 to 12.1 is a tad flakey. At least if you do this this would be 1 thing support would have done if you called them


                reboot 2 times and run this

                http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe

                and reinstall from your account

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                  For me , being on dialup , reinstalling is not an option as it would take easily the better part of a day. In order to stay online that long , the ISP requires that some activity (downloading is not seen as activity) such as reading mail has to be done at least every 30 minutes.


                  The only CD versions I have here are Virus Scan Plus 11.5 and Total Protection 11 (not sure the exact version). If there were a CD of 12 , that would make reinstalling a lot easier.


                  What I wonder is if there is something that is in version 12.1 that was overlooked for XP. The odd thing is that since 11.6 went to 12.1 (approx. 10 days ago) , the hang has happened 10-11 times out of about 30 sessions. Something is hanging when the system shuts down , but seeing what it is is impossible. It went for several days without any hanging and just did it earlier today. I have been watching via Task Manager to see that nothing is active when I shut down and there is never anything showing activity. Sort of reminds me of the case a couple years ago where Mcsvhost would not close at shutdown and gave a brief error message. That was also on XP machines.


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                    Every time I have sen this I seem to remember that the reinstall fixed this. My Xp has never had this but then I have always full installed my installs.


                    Will see if we can get a 12.8 cd for you.

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                      Hi All,


                      I can't remember exactly when but I think it may have been after an update which I needed to reboot, after that time my McAtee firewall kept turning itself off so I uninstalled and reinstalled and it did fix that, seemed to resolve that issue for a short while and then started happening again so I contacted support as after looking on the forums I thought it may be to do with the base filtering engine or the other one I can't remember it was in the run services and they were missing so I contacted support and a teir 2 did something apparently with the McAfee registry and he said the other 2 were fine, however they still do not appear so not sure if it's all related. Now I am having issues with it hanging. I will try another clean uninstall and re-install and see if that helps, in the meantime if anyone has any other suggestions I would be gratful other wise it will be another call to support.


                      Many thanks.