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    Upgrade from ePO 4.6.1 to 4.6.6 (Cluster Install)


      Hi All

      This is not a request for help (although it is usually) but me sharing my experience that I have had today...


      I followed the upgrade checklist to the letter.

      http://s-download.mcafee.com/corporate/products/protected/ePO/version_4.6.6/Read Me.html?__gda__=1372525200_4a12cb86deed1394b60a9e861305efa6&ext=.html


      When it came to the actual installtion of the software it kept bombing out just after the SQL authentication.. I checked the logs and it was moaning about SQL and not being able to connect to it, even though previous lines with the NT Account I was using we passing OK...


      The issue led me to this post.

      https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB76711&cat=CORP_PRODUCTS& actp=LIST


      By deleting the SQL instance from the install and just using the server name the install completed... (After some very slow services restarted)


      That wasnt it though.... I have a cluster installation so I moved on to Node 2...


      Now the node 2 upgrade completed without issue but when I fell over to it ePO would not function.. After investigation I found that the Application Server Service was missing... ONLY 2 Services were installed...

      I removed and reinstalled the ePO Program from Node 2 and hay presto... Completed.


      Thank God, I wasnt looking forward to a complete recovery from Backup.


      This is me giving something back to you guys.. I hope this helps someone out who has similar problems..




      (Time to de-stress)