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    Auto run?

      I'm using Family Protection on a Windows 7 Laptop and when I open Google Chrome browser, Family Protection automatically runs and auto-logs in .. great!  However, if I open up my Windows Mail program BEFORE I have run Chrome, it does not allow access to check my e-mails i.e. it doesn't automatically run FP.  Once I have opened Chrome Windows Mail works fine.  Is there a way to set FP up so that it auto runs when I open Mail?



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          Peter M

          I'll leave the ultimate answer to Family Protection experts or you may be best advised to contact technical Support - it's free by phone or online chat and linked under Usedul Links at the top of this page.


          You need to clarify which Windows Mail you are referring to, is it Windows Live Mail?   I'm aware that Vista Windows Mail can be installed on 7 using a hack but unexpected results would be normal in that case.

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            Yes, it is Vista Windows Mail - got it working quite easily when upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 as don't like Windows Live Mail! 


            If I used a 'more conventional' Windows 7 E-mail program then would it start Family Protection automatically like it does for my browser - is that what it is meant to do 'out of the box'?


            Thanks for such a quick response.

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              Peter M

              Possibly - but I don't use the product so can't be sure.   I'm not sure about the relationship between Chrome and Windows Mail, that sounds very stranbge to me.   You could ask support but I have a feeling they will only tell you that as Windows Mail is non-standard on 7 that unpredictable results can be expected.


              Outlook is the only one supported in 7.  Windows Mail is supported in Vista but not sure how it can be configured in 7 to work OK with this product.


              Make sure you don't have Windows Parental Controls turned on as that will clash with FP.   That xould be an issue.


              Try support and if they don't find a solution report back and I will ask the question on my Monday afternoon Conference Call with McAfee.

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                Peter M

                Also if you want me to ask I need the version of Family Protection you are using.  I also need to know if it makes a difference making IE10 (assuming installed) your default browser?


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                  Peter M

                  Just a thought from reading the results of a Google search....


                  Does it help to alter the mail handler associated with Chrome?....Gmail is its default.

                  Go to Chrome://settings/handlers

                  Then next to Gmail in the list click on the 'x' icon.


                  Also in Default Programs > Set your default programs does Windows Mail have all of its defaults?   It should be able to be set that way if the hack was done properly.

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                    Ex-Brit - your helpful suggestions are appreciated so much - thank you for them all. Sadly, they haven't solved the problem BUT in the process of investigating them I have discovered that it is my AVAST anti-virus that is causing the problem!  It allows Family Protection (version 2.4) to auto-login when I open a browser (whether Chrome or IE) but will not allow it for an e-mail program (whether Outlook or my ex-Vista Windows Mail). 


                    Will spend some time looking at Avast when I get a chance and will report back in case others have the same issue.


                    Again, many thanks for such quick, helpful resposes.


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                      Peter M

                      Understood, so Avast is to blame.  I was assuming you had a McAfee suite, instead of the standalone Family Protection.   I wish you good luck.


                      It complicates matters when you have a mix-and-match setup using several security software makers' wares.


                      Another place you may want to ask is a forum I use a lot:  http://www.sevenforums.com/





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