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    Issue with report scheduling options


      Hi all,


      It has been a while since I have worked on MVM, so just wondering if you could help with a quick query on report delivery.  The last couple of deployments have focused around running a customised script on the MVM server that copies off all reports produced by scans (that are stored in a local folder I forget) to another location.  What I am hoping for this time is that when a scan completes, the scan report gets automatically sent to X@Y.com - however I cannot for the life of me see how to automatically send a scan report after a scan has completed (am using latest MVM7.5)....  I could create a custom report that sends out a single date vulnerability report, however that runs into an issue with the scheduling - If I need to schedule the scans for the 1st Sunday of every month, I cannot schedule the custom report to go out on the 1st Monday, as that may be earlier than the first Sunday.  I could set the scan to start at 00:00 and the custom report to be sent at 23:59, but this relies on the scan actually completing, and the chance of this is lowered if we are restricted to scan windows. 


      Could I ask if a) there is anything I am missing, and b) if not, what are people out there doing for this requirement?