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    [0xEE000007] Internal initialization error



      We are using EEPC v managed with ePO 4.6


      I would like to know if anyone here has experienced the following issue:


      While in windows session, users locked the workstation (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and when returning they would get the [0xEE000007] Internal initialization error message. No hibernation or stand-by was involved in this problem.


      Only way we could workaround this was to forcebly shutdown the laptop and run the user recovery when booting up the computer.


      Others experienced a similar issue when booting up the next morning, EEPC would show an wrong password message.

      User recovery also solved this.


      These users are authenticating to EEPC with user name/password. Users using smart card authentication did not have problems.


      No problems were found in the corresponding AD account.


      All the affected computers are on a AD OU were a policy was applied to delete an local admin account!!!!


      Could this change have impacted the PBFS in this way? No local user accounts were added to any client pc's.