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    Gulp ... Help


      First, I must tell you that I'm a senior citizen, and although I know how to use a computer, I'm totally clueless when it comes to security.  I've been using Norton 360 for many years.  I'm way beyond frustrated to find out today that my computer was hacked into and there was also a Trojan Horse on it.  I have no clue why Norton 360 didn't block these.


      Anyway, 7 hours and $420 later, my computer is supposedly fixed.  $170 to un-trash it, $150 for some kind of "anti-hacking thingy" that is supposed to prevent anybody from ever hacking into my current computer and any computer I get in the future and $100 for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.Oi.


      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.Oi was sold to me as a 5 Layer Lifetime protection product (?).  The guy explained it to me, but I'm thoroughly confused.  It seems to be an anti-virus program, which is good ... but where is my internet security protection ... where is my firewall?  It also doesn't automatuically back up files like Norton 360 does.


      This entire problem started a few days ago when I wasn't able to attach files to my Yahoo emails.  That problem was supposedly fixed today, but I later tried to send an email with an attachment and I wasn't able to attach any files.  I'm going to call the "computer fixer" tomorrow to see why this is still happening.


      I'm simply at a loss regarding what to do.  What is the difference between Norton 360 and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.Oi?


      I probably posted this in the wromng forum, but I don't know where else to post it.


      Can anybody help me?  Please remember that my computer skills are limited to email, internet and WORD documents.


      Thank you. 

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          I know this is not helping but why were you sold a business product when you seem to be a Home user how many nodes were you sold  Mcafee says 11 minimum?


          Enterprise I thought was not sold with single licences Also what is the name of the anti hacking thingy. When the "fixer" removed Norton did he use its removal tool as if he did not parts of Norton could be still there and conflicting with Mcafee.


          Virusscan enterprise has a firewall as well as anti virus/spyware and intrusion prevention see here


          While we wait to see if an enterprise user responds try scanning your PC with these free scanners

          McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


          With Malwarebytes use the free version and do not use the trial full version it will clash with Mcafee. With getsusp add your email address to the preferences so Mcafee can report to you if anything amiss.




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            My best guess why they sold me a business product for a home user is because this is not the first time I've had my computer hacked into.  It happened about 8 months ago on my current computer, and about 4 years ago on my previous computer.  I'm overly paranoid about having it hacked into again because I'm the Secretary of our HOA, which means I have a lot of personal information (names, addresses, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses) of everybody who lives in my sub-division and I don't want any hacker to see all that confidential information.  I'm going to put the HOA stuff on a flash drive so that I can hook it into my computer only when I need it.


            I don't know how many nodes I was sold.  I don't have a problem paying $100 for a 5 year business program if it will make my computer more secure than a home user program.  The tech guy deleted Norton 360 in the normal manner that I would have deleted it myself.  I had Malwarebytes installed on my computer, but I kept a getting a pop-up box from Norton saying that it wasn't compatible with Malwarebytes, so I uninstalled it.  I should have kept Malwarebytes.  Maybe it would have prevented my computer from being hacked into.


            I'm not the only one on Yahoo having issues with attaching documents to emails.  There are a whole lot of people complaining about the same problem, and it happened to all of us within the past week.  Maybe Yahoo got hacked into?


            I don't know.  I was just frantically upset to the point of tears, so I guess the tech guy did what he thought would calm me down because I never (and I mean never, never, ever, ever) want to get hacked into again.


            They emailed me the bill, but it wasn't itemized.  I plan to ask them for an itemization tomorrow ... and a demonstration or some kind of proof that they actually installed an "anti-hacking thingy".  Otherwise, I'm going to contest the $150 charge for the "anti-hacking thingy" with my credit card company.


            Thanks for all your helpful links.  I'll check them later today as I'm still all wired up and unable to sleep due to yesterday's horrendous mess.

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              Someone from the Enterprise side of things will have to answer you as we Consumer Product Moderators have little knowledge of this product.    I will comment, however, that the person who sold you it could possibly be breaking his contract by doing so as it is not a retail product to be sold like that in the first place, only sold in bulk typically to businesses and institutions.   Support is only available through this area of the forums or the Enterprise Portal using a Grant number, so, in my opinion only of course, they were not doing you a favour and perhaps should instead have offered a retail/consumer product which is simpler to use and has easier support access.







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                I've been up for almost 20 hours now.  After researching the problem for hours on end regarding not being able to attached files to Yahoo emails, it seems it has something to do with Compatibility View Settings.  I added yahoo.com and now I can attach files.  You would think Yahoo would have been able to figure that out when I first called them.

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                  How true.   Glad you've got that issue fixed.  ;-)

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                    It is the paid for full version of Malwarebytes that is usually not recommended installed with Mcafee and norton the free 1 is happen sitting on the PC BUT will not protect you in real time as that option is only in teh paid version and is what clashes with Mcafee.


                    Good luck I would install Malwarebytes and run it regularly along with the other free programs I linked to.