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    ePO-MER Notifications


      I have been trying to configure some automatic responses in ePO v4.6.6 to send email notifications when MER scans start, finish and/or fail.  Has anyone been able to do this and can you please share the steps?  The walk through guide talks about setting them up but it seems to be geared more toward ePO 4.5 and so the instructions aren't quite matching up.


      I have ePO v4.6.6 pushing out Agent and MER  When I apply a custom "MER" tag to a system, the system receives the deploy task to install MER.


      Then, I have a server task scheduled that runs a query looking for systems with that tag applied AND that have MER installed.  On those systems, it schedules a "run now" task to run an MER scan.  The scan saves the log file locally and to a UNC path.  The last step in the task, clears the tag so that the MER scan doesn't continue to run over and over on those systems.


      That whole process is working as as desired.  I just want ePO to let my peers know the status of the scans, especially when they finish, so that they can continue troubleshooting.


      Any advice?