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    Configuring Pormpless Authentication While Deploying a Transparent Bridge



      We have a mcafee webgateway in a transparent deployment and we have the need to authenticate the users when they are browsing the internet. i have manged to integrate the gateway with the AD and implement authenticaion using authentication server as the front end and NTLM as the backend. I used the following document for this.




      Now the users can browse the web for say about 10 minutes and then they are prompted to re authenticate again. once they type their credentials in, they can again work for another 10 minutes or so.

      now what i want to do is prevent the webgateway from prompting like that since obviosly it is going to irritate the users. therefore I'm looking for a way to implement Single Sign On so that once the user is logged on to the PC using their domain account they wouldn't be promted (atleast the prompting isn't visible for the users i don't mind the browser taking care of it at the back end) and they can browse the web withought been interupted. Can anyone help me to do this?


      Thanks in Advance



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