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    How do I get the alert pop-up from appearing on my desktop

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      - Service Request #: 1146662660

      - Created Date: 06/25/2013 13:57:52

      - Description: Product Key - removed for security PK mod  I install this about 5 months ago and keep getting a McAfee pop up advising me that my computer is at Risk and to check the status. When I check the status it show all is in order but wants me to upgrade to a more expensive level. How can I stop this pop up?


           The above problem was handled on a remote control basis. The technician (she)  reinstalled my McAfee antivirus plus 2013 program via remote assistance and said that after I rebooted my computer the popup would not appear. Howver, right after the reboot the popup appeard same as before. I cannot get technical help in Canada or USA for my McAffee  produect and feel like chucking it into the garbage can. The popup is almost as bad as having a virus!!!

           Can anyone advise me how to stop this irratating popup???   Thank you    -  Bettybru


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