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    Incomplete Installation




      I have the problem of mcafee installation incomplete. I tried all the steps as posted earlier by various tech.s, such as Microsoft VC++ renaming, fresh installation,  running MCPR, McPreInstall, Virtual technician, disk clean-up, installing in safe mode with networking etc. Still the problem haven't solved. Even Mcafee techs are also unable to install (through remotely). My PC is HP Desktop with win7 32bit OS. My PC is up-dated with Microsoft and java.


      Please help to solve the issue.


      Thank you,




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          If support couldn't help you the first time contact them again and ask for escalation to a higher level as there isn't much we can do here except probably repeat everything they suggested you do.


          The only thing I can recommend is to scan for malware using Malwarebytes Free, see the last link in my signature below, to keep it free do NOT accept the free trial.


          Also if you had any previous security software installed, make sure it's completely gone using any removal tool they have if necessary.


          Make sure your system is totally up to date with SP1 and all updates and has IE10 installed.


          Uninstall what McAfee you have then use the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page, reboot and reinstall from the online account.


          Other than those support is still your best avenue for tackling this.







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            Thank you Mr. Ex_Brit for your concern.


            I tried to install several times with various steps.But, not completed. Then approached mcafee technical support. Many techies and some tier2 techs are also failed to solve this issue.


            Just now, one tech. Mr. Gladson Rajan solved the issue. He said the main problem is Microsoft V C++ package and some McFee traces that had to be removed from registry. Microsoft V C++ uninstallation and reinstallation was already done by me. So most probably, the cause may be of registry.


            Anyway, the problem has been solved after contineous follow-up of two months with mcafee. Thanks for Mr. Gladson Rajan.


            Thank you,

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              That's great and sorry it took so long to sort out.      All the best in the future.    

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                I have the same problem and have contacted the support that worked on my PC today.

                He made Microsoft V C++ uninstallation and reinstallation bt the isntallation still doesn't work.


                I hope I will not wait 2 months too. Is it possible to have areturn of the actions that solved the installation in your case ?



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                  Hi selestik You can try Trouble shooting steps listed in post # 6 and 8 in the below thread.


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                    The support followed this today without success.



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                      Hi selestik,


                      You may ask Mcafee Tech. to remove McFee traces from registry.


                      Thank you,

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                        I think they will do so : the tech has raised the ticket to a upper level of support as he is not authorized to apply next actions