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    McAfee NSM not displaying all fields showing "undefined"


      The issue started out with me being unable to view the details of an alert. Within the NSM (Version:

      I launched the Real Time Threat Analyzer and see the list of my threats. Then if I chose an alert and right clicked on it and chose "view details" it would hang for about 8 minutes, then display and error stating that the alert was unavilable.


      After troubleshooting my system then verifying that this issue was also appearing on a teamates computer I rebooted the appliance and logged back in. Once back in the NSM I opened the threat analyzer again and tried to view the details of an alert. Now the alert details are there, but most fields are filled with "undefined".



      Again I troubleshot my local system, Verified the issue was being seen by other users and computers, then rebooted the nsm again. The results are the same.


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