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    Web Reporter Premium data to Content Security Reporter


      Hi all,


      We are looking to export data from Web Reporter Premium and import it to Content Securiy Reporter. The aim here is the ePO dashboards shows the original WRP data but we understand we need to push somehow WRP info.

      So far  we understand that one of the methodologies used could be:


      We need to do an operation of adaptation in between 2 different systems ( Logs generated from WRP and Logs generated from CSR ). In other words, we need to use the data of WRP and convert it to CSR format for ePO to show the fancy graphs and charts from the historic logs of WRP. I have worked before in something similar getting data output from 3 different systems and unifying the for data input into a totally different one.  Basically what I did is get the data in CSV format, treat the files with formulas and operands and generate a new CSV with a different header that the new system understood.

      The same concept will be used here unless we could output from WRP to CSR straight, which I don’t think is possible.
      At this point Im sure McAfee should have a tool to convert that data as they have a lot of internal tools that simplify tedious operations such as manually remove VSE and s


      Also Im not sure how WRP treat and handle the number of Log files and if those files are the output of queries after DB operations.
      Additionally there is a blackbox on how CSR database works but if someone here could give some advice it would be really helpful,


      Let me know guys, thanks very much,