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      My McAfee keeps telling me that I have updates even after I just installed updates.  does any one know why it is doing this and how do I fix it?

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          Go to about and post the details in security center and viruscan ie the version numbers and dates. Do this immediately after an update try.


          About is top right security centre for 11.6 and navigation bottom left for version 12.


          Did you have another antivirus installed before you installed Mcafee? If so when did you install it and has it ever updated properly?

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            I'm not to sure I understand the 1st part of your message?  you mean look for those numbers right after I try for an update on McAfee? or is it where I have to place this post?


            I do not have anything other then McAfee on my computer.  I had trouble yesterday where I couldn't open anything, uninstall anything, or install(I tried to install AVG but it wouldn't work. got a message saying something was missing and it wouldn't install) I did a restore to the 1st of the month and it made it so I could uninstall things, so I fixed word (it was saying things was missing as well as my picture progarms).  but before all that McAfee kept saying that real time scan was turned off, and I would turn it on and then a a minute later it would say it was off again, and now it keeps telling me I have updates even after I do them, and it keeps saying I have the real time scan off even after I turn it on.

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              No I asked if you could post the versions of Security centre you have as well as the details in teh virusscan component that is shown in teh "about" area. I said where you can find about in version 11.6 and 12.1.


              Once you do that I will have a better idea where top go. It sounds more that a mcafee issue. Try scanning with all these

              McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


              With getsusp add your email address to the preferences so Mcafee can update/contact you if anything found and with malwarebytes do not install the optional trial of teh full version as it will clash with Mcafee.

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                Oh, okay.  It also tells me I need to restart my computer cuz of updates, even if I dont tell it to install the updates.  I have Security centre versions 12.1. Anti-Virus and Anti-spyware version 16.1. Personal Fire wall version13.1. SiteAdvisor version 3.6. Anit-Spam version 13.1. Online-Backup version2.5. and QuickClean version 12.1. Do I find the details for the virusscan comonent in the "about" area as well, cuz I couldn't find it there.


                I forgot that I did install the free version of malwarebytes, but that was after all the trouble, and I can't get that to work right either. Should I uninstall it if it will let me?



                I just tried to install the GetSusp thing and I got this message "The program can't start because browcli.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to see if this fixes it"  but I dont know what the browcli.dll is, so I can't reinstall it.


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                  You have issues try uninstalling Mcafee via

                  http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS101331 and reinstall it but if you do not have Virusscan installed which is strange really the uninstall path my last thought prior to you calling support and knowning what you said they will probably think virus and point you to teh paid removal path.


                  are you triple sure you have no Virusscan area in about that shows when your last update was?

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                    Can you post a picture of what I should be looking for?  I found that it says my last update was today 6-26-13 at 6:19pm (I didn't give it the okay to update it just did it anyhow) but I didn't find that in the about part.  I did it by going to the report page and clicking on overview and going down to the report.  is that the same thing you are talking about? it also says that my next update will be today 6-26-13 at 6:37pm. (it's now 6:33pm)


                    My last scan (yesterday)didn't show anything on my computer.  would it say there wasn't anything on my computer if something had gotten attached to my McAfee?

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                      Updates should come or rather check for them every 4 hrs.

                      What I mean is as shown below


                      Ok this the 12.9 beta version but you get the idea this should be shown immediately below the security centre details


                      Also go to general settings and alerts and general settings and untick teh wait till my PC is idle that will ensure updates and scans happen when set to happen.

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                        Got it!  Mine says last update was 6-9-13.  (that's also the date(I think) I restored my computer to in safemode using the computer backup)


                        I was reading how to uninstall McAfee, but I thought if I did that I would lose the one I have paid for and I would have to pay again.  if I go and Deactivate it and then uninstall will I be able to reactivate it without having to pay?

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                          Run windows removal via promgrams and features or add remove programs in XP and them run the MCPR tool this ensures your licence is clean and not shown as used when it is not. You then go to your accoiunt and reinstall the product you have. Oh running this before you reinstall is a good idea.


                          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe


                          Looks as if no updates since 9th June so someting is amiss. I would try the  reinstall but only after uninstalling malwarebytes and reinstalling it. it should install if it does not you very likely have something stopping it. I would then run getsusp and it will report any strange files to Macfee for review. Add your email address to the program's preferences.

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