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    Server to Agent Communication Not Working


      Hey All, If anyone can help here you will be a Legend for all time.


      Our Encryption Activation was not working without manual intervention and after troubleshooting we have found the Agent Wakeup calls arn't either.


      PC's are only connecting to EPO when the commnuincation is initiated from the Agent on the PC.


      When a agent wakeup is attempted the server task log dosn't show any info about the machine trying to connect so not even sure if the task is actually initiating.


      The Server.log does show error for some machines:  Error - XXXXXXXXXXXXX.com:8081, network error was 10060


      Products:  EPO 4.6.3, MA 4.8, Agent wakeup using deafult port of 8081.



      1)  The policy for the agents has wakeup agents selected.

      2)  There are no Desktop Firewall issues (have even unistalled HIPS off machines to test)

      3)  Can ping machines from server via netbios, IP and FQDN

      4)  Can TelNet to machines from Server



      1)  This issue even occurs even when trying an agent wakeup to the agent on the EPO server so there shouldn't be any vlan or subnet issues.


      Anyone have anything I can try????