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    Annoying popup


      I have an annoying popup that I can't seem to get rid of.  I keeps asking me to download a plugin.  It claims to be a video plugin downloader manager which I don't want.  Here is a like to the annoying popup:

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          Please don't post dangerous links...instead take a screenshot and post that using the camera symbol.


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            I know what this is, I think. Someone asked about it in another thread. Have a look at the screenshot in https://community.mcafee.com/message/271225#271225

            and if it's the same as you are seeing then do not click on it.


            You need to block iframes if possible - in Firefox use NoScript. For other browsers you may need another way to block these. And run a Quick Scan and Malwarebytes just in case.


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              I ran Maywarebytes PRO several times and it comes up clean.


              Ex_Brit, sorry about posting the link, I wasn't aware of the danger it my pose.

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                That's all OK, I know it was unintentional.   MBAM Pro is fine except look out for possible clashes if it's real-time protection is turned on.  It could clash with McAfee.     

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                  I do have real time monitoring turned on but so far I haven't had any problems between Malwarebytes PRO and McAfee.  The only time there seems to be an issue is when I upgrade McAfee and the installation wants to uninstall MBAM PRO which I always allow it to do, but once everything is up and running, they seem to get along well together on the playground.  :-)

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                    It was merely a thought.  I too have MBAM Pro but usually have the realtime protection turned off.       McAfee will object to it, but if you click continue it will go ahead and ignore it.