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    the service Mcafee in Israel is bad !!!!

      My name is David Elkaim – customer to McAfee already 2 years –


      I had many problems with the product, I asked to speak with the people at McAfee Israel,

      they refused to talk to me (because I'm a small company that holds 300 licenses) they don't answer me even through the Reseller, they don't want to sell me.

      People at McAfee Israel not being nice doesn't want to sell and do not want to talk to customers. I really want to stay in this product, but I want a ratio like all customers



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          Not quite sure what you mean but there isn't much that can be done here in these forums. 


          Assuming you are using Corporate products then you should have a grant number which gives you access to the business portal.


          If you are using consumer products then the regular support channels are available free of charge.


          If you weren't satisfied by the response you received on that occasion contact them again and ask for escalation to a higher level.






          Business and SaaS Customers
          Customer Service
          Tel: 00800 1225 5624
          Email: customer_service_emea@mcafee.com


          Tech Support
          Tel: 00800 6247 7463
          For more information, see Technical Support ServicePortal.

          Home & Home Office Customers
          Our Customer Support team is standing by to help you via free online chat, community forums, and phone technical support. Phone numbers, online chat, and various self-help options can be found at http://service.mcafee.com.


          If you are having problems with a specific product then please post more details, be more specific, and maybe I could move this to the right area for better attention.








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