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    How to prevent McAfee SecurityCenter from quarantining a file?

      I'm trying to download files for a game from Steam (the official Steam store) but everytime I attempt to do so, McAfee swoops in and decides to quarantine one of the executable files because it believes it to be a "trojan", thus rendering the game useless as it simply will not run without it. I reiterate that I trust this file: it's from a reputable source and I see no reason for it to be malicious. I have tried to restore it but each time I do it simply gets quarantined again. I've noticed how there is no way to allocate a file to the "Trusted Items" list which seems a little more than pointless. I've come across other posts on this site where people have the same or similar problem yet everything I've tried to do to resolve the issue so far has been fruitless. I tried emailing virus_research@avertlabs.com concerning the problem (N.B. giving the subject of the email as 'False' and then quoting the suspected trojan) but have not yet received a reply (>48hours later). The file was also deemed "too large" to be able to send it to McAfee for analysis. Should I just wait how ever many years It'll take them to update the Home software to allow the user to prevent McAfee from quarantining a file or what?

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