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    Web Module Scanning - Producing weird results


      We used the web module for the first time to scan one of our web servers. The Web Module scan was made using the McAfee template for Deep Web Scan.


      Basically, the report only detaisl two web pages on the server and that is it!


      We know for a fact there are more, and there was infact an exploit on the server.


      Any idea what we are doing wrong, or any KB article we could read on how to make sure this is working properly?



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          Hi Aileen


          Did your scan actually produce data?


          Are you scanning an internal site or  doing an external web assesment if external do you have your scanner whitelisted on IPS/Reverse Proxy and Firewalls?

          We had a issue with external sites published via reverse proxy, had to turn flood mitigation off for external scans.