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    SecurityCenter not updating?


      I have McAfee SecurityCenter 2012 (version 11.6) on a Dell Studio 17 laptop running Windows 7 64.


      Since last night whenever I check for updates I get a message saying "Software up to date". I currently have DAT 7111 but have seen 7112 should be available. It could be a false alarm as some updates have been slow to come through before but this is rare and thought it was best to ask if things were working normally, as I ran into a similar situation a couple of months ago which resulted in several uninstall/reinstalls and don't want to go through that again unless it's necessary.

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          Peter M

          The fact that 7112 may be showing on the Enterprise downloads page doesn't mean it should immediately be available if you right-click  and check for updates.   The updates take quite a long time to filter through to all servers.


          However 11.6 can be manually updated from that download page see the instructions here.  


          For anyone who reads this who has version 12.x (the bigger interface released for 2013) you can not use this method - please note.


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            I'm having the same issue . . . received 7111 on 06-19 and have been trying since yesterday to get 7112 . . . says my programs are up to date . . . hoping it is a server problem, but 2 days is worrying.

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              Peter M

              Basically, if the software says you are up to date, you are up to date.  Often the website will post a new DAT then for some reason or another it's cancelled or delayed from distribution because of issues.    Anyone with SecurityCenter version 12/ VirusScan 16, note that DAT's are no longer used in those versions or higher and the website information doesn't apply.

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                My situation is exactly the same as wixey and ms421 -- checking for updates, being told I'm up to date, no error messages, just an unusually long delay in getting an update done and out of the way until the next one.  Always glad to find that I'm not alone with an issue!  Appreciate Ex_Brit's reassurances; I assume that if there was an issue, he or she would know.


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                  Thanks, Ex-Brit . . . with all due respect, I have never had to wait this long for a manual update . . . as I stated, I am hoping it is a server problem . . . you stated in a previous post that 7112 could be downloaded from the mcafee site, but I am leary of doing that because of the problems we incurred 6 or 7 months ago . . . what worries me most is that only 2 of us have posted about this problem . . . I'll keep trying to update, but my gut tells me there is something wrong here if this is not a server issue . . . Thanks

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                    Peter M

                    I am not privy to that information but that's what we have experienced in the past.   The software will update as soon as the data is presented to the servers in your area.   The's no way really of telling when that will be.


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                      Eureka!!  Whatever the reason for the delay, I've now gotten 7112 downloaded and installed.  

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                        Peter M

                        There you go, all's well that ends well!!  ;-)

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                          Same here, mrshvd3! . . . . must have been a server issue . . . glad it has been resolved . . . thanks again to Ex-Brit!

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