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    adding 2 users to a client that's already assigned a user


      Hello and Thank you in advance.


      I've a client machine with an assigned user already. I went to ePO, Encryption Users, selected the machine and added two other users to the machine.


      The question I have is this:


      For those two users , when I went to login to the Pre-Boot on the client machine, The Pre-Boot knew the password of one the users while it prompted me for the default password for the other user as it usually does when an assigned user first login to a machine.


      How did Pre-Boot know the password of one of the user? is it because this user had already logged in on another encrypted machine and ePO knows its password therefore it forwarded it to this new client with the username when the user was added to the machine on ePO.


      from my understanding, i was expecint this dialoge for both users as they are login to the machine for the first time: (I thought ePO only knows the user's username and doesn't keep a record of the password , I was thinking the user's password is only used in the client to write it with the username to Pre-Boot MBR)


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