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    EEPC on Surface Pro


      We have tested sucessfully rolling out McAfee Agent and Endpoint Encryption to Windows 8 but seem to be having issues on the Surface Pro tablets.


      ePO Version 4.6.5

      McAfee Agent

      Endpoint Ecryption


      Both McAfee Agent and Endpoint Encryption are pushed to the surface fine but the System Status just sits there stating 'Looking up available Encryption Providers'

      The Volume Status never changes from 'No Volume information' and does not encrypt the drives.


      We have also tested the Touch TabletTool and are unable to get any touchscreen response.  Running the latest Firmware drivers.


      Has anyone managed to get this working on a Surface Tablet?

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          I've got it working on the Surface Pro with no issues at the moment although it did take an upgrade to 7.0.1 and the latest firmware patch from microsoft to get touch working at preboot.  I had no issues whatsoever activating the software. 


          Im running:

          ePO version 4.6.6 (although had no issues with surface on 4.6.4)

          Agent 4.8 although thast a recent upgrde. It was working fine also on

          endpoint encryption


          on 6/20/13 9:06:41 AM CDT


          on 6/20/13 9:07:59 AM CDT


          Corrected version numbers on 6/20/13 9:08:38 AM CDT
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            Can i ask if your Surface was running the OS image that was bundled with the tablet or did you install a fresh OS?


            As this is for a roll-out we have installed a fresh copy of Win8 x64 Pro

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              Hello Jim,


                 Wondered what Firmware your Surface Pro is at to get the Touch working within Preboot?  Mine shows no updates at the moment and running ePO 4.6.6 with 4.6 Agent and and Touch Keyboard doesn't seem to work.  I end up needing the external keyboard to get past preboot.

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                It had whichever firmware update Microsoft did in June.  Unfortunately I can't verify the version because we decided not to go with the surfaces and have returned all of our eval units to microsoft.  We were using the surface bundled OS.



                I just went in and looked at my tablet test policy and noticed that I had the on-screen keyboard set to "always show."  You might give that a try. 


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                  I managed to get this working finally on a Surface Pro


                  Fresh install of Win8 x64 Pro - This was installed using a software called 'Rufus' to create a bootable ISO with a partiton scheme of 'GPT for UEFI'

                  Drivers and windows updates all up-to-date

                  ePO now sees the partitions correctly and installs and encrypts fine.

                  The PBA screen is set to always show the onscreen keyboard as i have found that the surface touch keyboard is a bit off with capital letters etc and locked my account often.


                  The onscreen keyboard on the PBA is tiny and i cannot change the size via ePO

                  Secure Boot needs to be disabled or the PBA does not boot


                  I have been able to create an image of the OS using 'Macrium Reflect' which supports GPT/UEFI and roll this out to multiple Surface tablets.

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                    After a little work I left it with the stock Windows 8 x64 Pro and was able to get it to Encrypt without a problem, and made sure Secure Boot was disabled.  The OSK is the only part that I hope they come up with a fix for.  The preboot screen itself seems rather small, hopefully once there is a workaround or fix for the resolution/theme to fill out the screen correctly I can hope that will make the OSK look better and be more user friendly.  I noticed the only setting that could change the preboot screen was within the graphics mode of the boot options and 1600 x 1200 is the max wondering if that is where I am getting the smaller then normal screen since it looks to be capable of 1920 x 1080.