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    McAfee will not update

      I am running an XP SP3 maching with McAfee Security System installed. I have not been able to update since around January. When I click on check for updates I just get a circle that spins and spins and spins.


      This is a return visit with this topic and the spinning circle is actually an improvement. Before when I tried to update, it would start spinning and within seconds stop.


      The only way I have been able to get updates since January is uninstall the program, run the clean up utility, and reinstall. The last time I posted here I received a message from support to call. I called. I was told to uninstall, run the clean up program and reinstall and everything would be fine.


      That ball has been spinning since before I started typing this.


      Yes, my version of XP is legal. Yes, my version of SP3 is up to date. Yes, when I uninstalled a month ago, I did go into the control panel and remove the program that way. Yes, I did a fresh download of the program - slow as can be by the way. Yes, I tried re-registering the items I found listed on the web. Yes, I checked services.msc. Yes, I have run scans for viruses.


      So now, I have had a program that I paid for, that has not worked since January, and all I am told to do is reinstall.


      Earlier when I was trying to fix this problem, I found info that SP3 and McAfee do not play nice together, and that this is a known issue. I have also tried not installing the site advisor and other parts of the center mentioned on line.


      Ironically, I have SP3 on another machine and the updating works fine on that one. The other machine is older, slower, has less memory.


      If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I am sorry if I was sarcastic in the fifth paragraph, but those are the kinds of things I am asked when I talk to support, I am fed up with this company and this product.


      PS - The little update ball is still spinning. It has been over a half hour. Here goes another uninstall I guess.

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          The main problem with XP is that it usually runs on older machines with not a lot of spare memory. But McAfee runs on *this* XP, usually reasonably well. One thing I notice though is that come update time a process called mcupdmgr kicks in and grabs a huge slice of memory; then mcupdate does the same. I try to leave updates to a time when I'm not doing anything else.


          How much memory have you got - both RAM and Virtual Memory? This might be the key.

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            Thank you for replying so quickly.


            My RAM is 3.5 Ghz, virtual memory is 2046 MB.


            This is the newer of the 2 machines running XP. The other one is slower, has less memory, and updates with no problem.


            I turned everything else off when I tried to update and still got spinning.


            I am about to reinstall.

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              tas wrote:


              Thank you for replying so quickly.


              My RAM is 3.5 Ghz, virtual memory is 2046 MB.


              That says how fast your CPU is. How much physical memory have you got in the XP machine? IF VM is 2Gb, that implies less than 1Gb of RAM based on the default ratio for installed memory to disk-based memory.

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                Ok not exacty the issue but might help



                Another thing is to try updating in safe mode if you can?


                I will bump this up the line to a high level tech to assist you if above of no help or Hayton cannot think of something else

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                  That's what happens when I try to do two things at once - confuse RAM with speed. I was trying to remember how to find the virtual memory and make a dumb mistake like that.


                  The RAM is 3.25 GB. From what you say I have way too little VM.


                  When I try to update, I don't think the usage gets all the way to 100% like I have seen at other times.




                  I had not thought of trying it in safe mode. I'll try it tonight when I get home from work & can have the machine to do nothing but deal with McAfee. I already tried the virtual technician as mentioned in the link. I tried that back in January. Since it requires Windows 2000 and I am running XP, I do not know how to judge what it is telling me but I will try it again


                  It said there were three problems: a content issue, a registry issue and a missing file - which is what it told me in January, which is interesting since this is a brand new last night install. I told it to fix the problems so have to close for now to restart.

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                    When I restart tonight the issues VT found were corrected except for the missing file one. The missing file was:


                    C;\program files\mcafee\siteadvisor\cb list.dat


                    Even though this file is missing, the site advisor icon is still at the bottom of this page as I type.

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                      I tried to update. Got the spinning circle again. CPU usage briefly got up to 50% but is now hovering around 1%.


                      McAfee is saying it is still checking for updates, but none of the lights on my router are flickering like they should be if McAfee is actually checking.


                      I use Firefox as my default browser, but I do have IE 8 installed.

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                        Tried safe mode?


                        Also what version of Mcafee is this?


                        3.25 Gb ram all XP will read and that is by far enough for Mcafee 2Gb fine in my opinion that is all my XP test box is running.

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                          I did try safe mode. The little ball spun a little while then went back to the screen that said everything was up to date. I can't really tell if updating will work yet for sure since I just installed - has there been an update since I installed on the 19th?


                          I am running Security Center version 11.0

                          It also says Virus Scan is version 15.


                          It is going to be a big enough pain having to go into safe mode to update. An even bigger pain is that the program gives no indication of when updates are available, even though I set the program to notify me when updates are available. I have not received notification that updates are available on this machine since December. What made me realize that I was not getting notifications on this machine was that I got a new computer, and was getting notifications on that one. That made me realized something was wrong with the XP machine since I had not gotten anything in a while.


                          I just turned on the older, slower machine that is running XP SP3 - the one that I have no trouble updating the security program - and discovered that it is not runnig McAfee, but one of the competitors.


                          Guess which program I wish I had on this machine.

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