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    could not connect to http://localhost:8731/DLPWCF/ManagementConsoleWCFService




      I am having issues on my HDLP policy server configuration.

      this error pops up even if i have my firewall turned off on my ePO server. What is wrong?

      I even tried replacing "localhost" to its IP address, as what I have seen in one of the community support provides, but still wont work.

      Any help?





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          Is  your ePO server?      In the environments I've worked in,  the IP here equals that of the ePO server.


          On  does netstat -an     show that port 8731 is listening on anything?

          Is there a host based firewall on  that might be preventing that workstation from connecting on port 8731?



          If you telnet from that workstation to 8731   ... do you get a connection, or is there an intervening firewall blocking you perhaps?



          That this service/app uses WCF is a pain no doubt.     In the environment I work in, they had to pull the ePO into the workstation domain in order to satisfy authentication requirements, but I suppose I should be relieved that there were no firewalls or ACL's to deal with regarding port 8731.     Good luck!