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    Documentation Typo


      In the Real_Time_for_McAfee_ePO_1.01_Product_Guide.pdf I have located a typo.


      Page 14 - Installing and deploying (Deploy the client)


      Server Configuration

      - Real Time Client-to-Server Communication Port, the docment lists 18742.  However during installation the default port listed is 18472

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          Found another typo, this on is in KB77729, the port is incorrect should be 18472


          Common question performance blockers

          Client Firewall/Intrusion preventionThe most common reason why question performance is slow is that the machines have a software firewall or software intrusion prevention system running on the hosts, and there have been no working exclusions created. When something like this occurs, Clients may try and always fail, or try and only periodically succeed, to connect to the peers that the server is telling each Client to try and talk to.

          Test:To test this condition, use something like the Telnet client on Windows to try to connect to a peer machine from within that subnet. If you issue a command such as: telnet mypeer.domain.com 17472 where 17472 is the default port the Real Time Client will listen on, mypeer.domain.com is known to be running the Real Time Client service, and the telnet client throws an error indicating that it cannot connect, this is an indication that the client has a firewall or host IPS product blocking traffic.


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            The documentation for this product is completely terrible. I have sent MANY complaints to support, only to be told they shall be resolved with the release of v2.0 of the product.


            How hard is it to fix erroneous KB articles?