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    HIPS Error "Failed to normalize signer"


      I'm having an issue on a couple of my physical machines and HIPs. One of the machines is a domain controller and when HIPs is enabled and running i'm not able to login, logout or reboot the machine. It hangs on please wait while notifying event service or something like that.  I noticed in the log i get the following error:


      "ERROR normalizeSigner() - Failed to normalize signer ="*"


      I think i have received that error before, or at least it looks familiar, I think the issue was because i had set "Signer" to "Allow any signature" on my firewall rules. I've went back and looked and cant find that set on any applications. I'm about to go back and review settings that McAfee adds by default (just incase someone accidently changed those). Other than that i'm out of ideas.


      Any thoughts?