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    Agents communication issues.

      Hello everyone.


      I have been browsing the forum in hope of an answer, but no luck.


      ePO 4.5 patch 6, agents are not communicating with the ePO server.


      " Agent Subsystem [TIMESTAMP] Error - Agent failed to communicate with the ePO server"


      Agent log says:


      [TIMESTAMP] - Agent - ePO server is not reachable. Trying to get IP address from registry.

      [TIMESTAMP] - Agent - IP address not found in registry.


      Server Settings:


      Agent-to-server communication port: 8090 (SSL - 8096)

      Agent wake-up communication port: 8092


      Netstat -anb on ePO server:








      I have tryed to attatch the ePO servers IP address in the Server.ini with the line:




      and remove the FramePkg.exe in <Install dir>\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409


      But the server fails to download a new FramePkg.exe since the server is not online. (Closed network)


      Help needed,


      In advance, thanks!!

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          Attila Polinger



          can you elaborate the following:


          1. Are the client and server in the same network?

          2. If not, are they separated by any firewall, etc. which might prevent communication to and form?



          3. Can you check sitelist.xml on the client and see if the epo server data on name, IP and port matches the actual values of ePO server?

          4. Can you nslookup the name of the ePO server from the client?


          What is your opinion: is the agent on the client properly installed (apart from the communications failure) ?


          What do you mean by this:


          But the server fails to download a new FramePkg.exe since the server is not online. (Closed network)


          Thank you.



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            Hello Attila.


            1. Server and Clients are on the same network.

            2. Firewall is not the issue (Disabled)

            3. The SiteList.xml shows no sign of the epo servers name nor IP address.* (See reply below)

            4. I can lookup the ePO server without any problems.


            The Agents have been removed and reinstalled to insure they are installed properly.


            The question you raised:


            *I have manually typed in the servers IP address in the eposervers server.ini file, removed the agents, deleted the FramePkg.exe so the server can "redownload" and "reapply" the servers IP into the FramePkg.exe. But the server try's to connect to a McAfee server to download a new FramePkg.exe, which it can not since the servers or not "online".


            Hope i helps.




            I can see in the SiteList.xml the client is connecting updates from our update server:


            SecurePort="8096" Server="SERVERNAME.domain:8090" Servernname="SERVERNAME:8090"


            But that is not the server the agents contact, that is just the update server.


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              Attila Polinger

              I try to approach your issue from the client's perspective, where the sitelist.xml contains the reporisotiers and the epo server information. I'd like to know if that sitelist.xml (not sitename.xml) has the proper info on ePO server details.


              I seem to understand your remark with asterisk: you simply regenerated the framepkg.exe so it surely contains fresh info on ePO server and repositories. That is useful to do anyway, to make sure you have a correct framepkg.exe installer.


              So again, please start afresh by checking sitelist.xml on the client (if you want pl. upload it here) and check if epo server details match that of the real ePO server.

              Secondly, if all these are correct, issue a cmdagent.exe /p on the client (open a CMD window and switch to the framework installation folder). It has no interface. Or, use the agent GUI to do the same (i.e. check for new policies command).


              Then please upload here the agent_hostname.log file from the agent installation folder.

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                Hello Attila.


                Thank you for helping me in the right direction!


                Agent missmatch, uploaded a new Agent V. 4.5.0 Minor Version 1852. Clients are ticking in now.


                Brain fart!