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    Elements ePO will not update


      Hello. I have some items in my repository that are not updated, such as "AMCORE Package Content", "Anti-Spam Engine" and "Product Improvement Program Content". EPO version is 4.6.3 (build 197)


      Is it possible with this version of ePO unneeded these elements? If not needed, I can uninstall for my repository? Thank you very much.


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          Laszlo G

          Hi ezemartin, AMCore Content Package is used by McAfee Deep defender and was automatically downloaded by ePO when it was RTW but after this they changed it so only people with Deep Defender in they repositories would automatically download new versions. It's safe for you to delete it from your repository if you don't use Deep Defender.


          The AntiSpam Engine and Product Improvement Program are not needed and you can also delte them if you want (if you have a look at your repository pull task these packages probably aren't checked and that's why they are not being downloaded)

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            Thank you very much for the information, Laszlo