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    Mcafee "On Access virus scanning" causes "temp" errors in Visual studio 6.0



      While compiling my VC++ MFC project I am getting the below error. 

      "Fatal error C1083: Cannot open compiler intermediate file: 'C:\temp\a09912sy': Permission denied".


      Some times this error was coming sometime not. I have tried to change the "TMP" and "TEMP" environment variable as mentioned in the various forms.

      Later I found that this problem caused by a too aggressive antivirus software. The problem here is while compiling the VC++ project, it is creating some temporary files in C:\temp(TMP environment variable) directory and those files are getting delected my VC++ once compilation done. Mcafee "On Acess virus scanning" scans all temp files under that C:\temp directory.


      So I have changed the properties of "On Access Virus Scanning" in Mcafee and then after I didn't get that error.


      So I want to know why this dependancy is there. Why this error is coming some times only not always.