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    Unable to uninstall AntiTheft (again...)




      I've downloaded and Installed Intel AntiTheft Technology software on my computer today.


      All went fine, but I realized that the software was using a lot of system resources, so I decided to uninstall it.


      Please note that I have HP ProtectTools with Drive Encryption (AKA McAfee EEPC) already installed and working.


      When I try to uninstall AntiTheft, the installer says "Decrypting" for a second and then : "Unable to delete software", "We're sorry but a problem occured during software uninstallation..."


      So I try to open my Console webpage, but my computer is already deleted from this space : "Your device is not set up".


      I can access my files but I would like to uninstall the software completely (in order, maybe, to reinstall it later).


      How should I do ?


      Thanks !


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