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    New MVT Warning (6/16/2013)


      there is a new update i noticed today (6/16/2013). after i uninstall and re-install my Mcafee internet security, the siteadvisor problem has been ruled out, (maybe the update plus the re-installation process do the trick) but as i re-install the the MVT and run a scan it reports an old warning and a new one involving the siteadvisor.  it looks like this




      and this





      please help me with these two new warnings. thank you.

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          Are the files actually missing? They are there on my 12.1.338 version but in another folder. They are gone on the 12.9 version of the beta I am using


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            actually, in virus scan, the files are there only in different folder, Mr. Hayton already found that out on the other thread named Re: Virus Scan - Missing files, but i dont know what to do next.  i dont know if i must move it or not, i dont want to move on my own accord because i dont want to cause any irregularities in my pc. now my recent post is about what happened a while ago, also on this day, what happened is i re-install Mcafee internet security and then surprisingly everything went alright, the SA went green again (actually that is the root of my problem) exept for one thing, the MVT (that is the trunk). i also re-install the MVT (because i unstall it with the Mcafee internet security, to be sure) and that is the report, i guess that the said file is only misplaced to any of the folders of Mcafee only i do not know where to find it. windows explorer will be difficult because when i use my windows explorer it says "no match found". but when i find it manually i located it and that is because of Mr. Hayton providing the location of course.


            By the way, i'm using Mcafee internet security. Windows 7, 64 bit, IE10.


            now, my problem and my question is, how will i make those warning go away? i mean if there is a warning, there is a problem, i want to avoid that problem.


            thank you for the respose.

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              Yes that folder is a tad mixed up the last part is correct from the common files folder. We have passed this onto Mcafee so have to await a fix.