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    How does PreBoot exactly works ?

      Hello, I've a question regarding Preboot in EEPC.


      I just want to know how does PreBoot Authentication and/or Drive Encryption work.


      When I turn on my computer, it asks me to register my fingerprint or to type a password in order to boot the computer (preboot).

      My drive is Encrypted by Endpoint Encryption Software.

      My BIOS settings are password protected and set to boot directly from HDD (SSD).


      If  for example, my computer gets stolen I understand that my SSD (for  instance) wouldn't be readeable on another computer. That's the point of  Encryption.


      But if the robber decides to put another hard  disk drive into the computer (with an OS installed on it), will he be  able to boot the computer or will the PreBoot authentication pop up  again so my computer is still protected ?


      Thanks !