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    MID 8.8 problems integrating DAT 2013-06-13


      I downloaded yesterday's avvepo7105dat.zip file, but MID was unable to use it, rejecting the format of the file.  I next tried the ZIP file avvdat-7105.zip that I found inside avvepo7105dat.zip, which allowed me to continue, but the final packaging step of MID failed with a runtime error.  I was also including the 5600 engine, instead of the 5400 engine.  Any suggestions on how to integrate, or should I just skip this and add "7105xdat.exe /SILENT" as a program to be installed later in the MID process?


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          Installing the DAT via the programs section did work, my 4th MID package I created with VSE 8.8 Patch 1 baseline (VSE880LMLRP1) + VSE880P2 (Patch2.msp) + epo5600eng does appear to paritally work.


          Per KB51111 I added these 4 hotfixes in the MID program section  in order per footnote 6


          HF01=805660      VSE88HF805660.exe /silent

          HF02=778101      VSE88HF778101.exe /silent

          HF03=820636      VSE88HF820636.exe /silent

          HF04=846582      VSE88HF846582.exe /silent

          June 13th DAT package (7105xdat.exe)     VSECURDAT.exe /SILENT


          however the resulting installation only has Hotfix_820636 present in the registry (HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Wow6432Node\McAfee\DesktopProtection).  When I manually verify the file versions installed on the computer most are version (patch 2 versions?) that should be newer with the updated files included with HF01=805660 ver  and HF02=778101 ver  Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot the missing hotfixes?