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    Problems with Epo



      Im novice with ePO deployments. The only thing that I managed to work is the upgrade of the dats of the manual installed products(Virusscan 8.5 and 8.7)


      My environment


      server  Epo 4.0 preinstaled , configured and no documented  for the previous  admin ¬¬

      aprox 150 workstation (win xp and 7)  manage for AD with VSE  (8.0\8.5\8.7)  and MCagent 4.0


      So I'm trying to upgrade the mcafee agent  and VSE in my workstations.

      I upgrade agent to 4.5  (install extension  and .zip in epo)  and apparently works  and deploy to my pcs

      But when i try to deploy agent to any workstation or i try create a new task for mcafee agent , cant select in the drop down menu  and  cant do next steps


      For ex. to deploy Mcafee Agent 4.5 when I go to the system tree - select one pc - Deploy Mcafee Agent - EPO dont shows Mcafee Agent for Windows 4.5.0(current)  , dont shows nothing

      . How do I do to appears there Mcafee Agent for Windows 4.5?


      Thanks in advance for your cooperation