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    McAfee MOVE bandwidth usage?


      Can someone clarify what happens when a new file is downloaded to a MOVE client machine? My research say's the files checksum is compared against the local checksum listing. If it's found, all is good to go. If it's not found, the file is transfered to the Offload Scan Server, where it's scanned. Can someone confirm this? Secondly, say we just received 1gb of Windows Updates, like we did last night. All of these files would NOT be in the local checksum cache, so this entire allotment of updates would have to be sent to the offload scan server for scanning. Can someone confirm this? What would happen if you had 200 machines that downloaded windows updates at aroudn the same time and none of the files were in the local cache? Is the checksum calculated and sent to the OSC first, if the checksum is found on the OSC then the file does not need to be sent to the OSC. If it's not in the OSC the entire file is sent over for scanning.  While this is fine on a local lan, it's a bit of a load for DMZ servers to send over the firewall. Maybe we should be putting a OSC in the DMZ for this reason?