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    Updating Dat  File

      I just pulled the latest DAT file so now my repository show 7105.0000.  My question is how can I get that to the clients.  I have in System Tree - Client Tasks a DAT update which runs everyday at 12:30.  If I wanted to push it before  that is there a way?  I see in Menu-Server Setting there is a Global Updating.  Is that how I can push it immediatly if needed?  Set the interval for like 10 mintues?

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          That's correct.

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            That does not work.  I set Global updating and what that does is updates the Distrubited Repositiories.  I want it to update the clients.

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              Create agent updatye client task set a specific time period and set the missd task interval to 10 mins .


              basically global update will works for the distributed repository.

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                Sorry, I do not understand.  Where am I setting the client task?  I have 4 things under Server tasks:

                Repository Pull - Which will update the DAT file in the Master Repository

                Repository Replication - Replicates the new DAT to the other Repositories

                Schedule Pull

                Agent deploy on AD Computer


                The last 2 I have no idea but they are enabled.

                I clients get the updated DAT file, I just need to know which server task is doing that and how I can push it sooner if needed.

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                  In an ePO environment, things like DAT updates are pulled by the client machines, rather than pushed from a central server. Please see the "Client Tasks" and "Update Tasks" sections of the ePO Product Guide - this will help you. (I would strongly recommend reading the whole Guide if you haven't already done so.)

                  The ePO 5 Guide can be found here:  - if you're using a different version of ePO please search the knowledge base for the Guide applicable to your version.


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