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    Block access of users to MWG while allowing access on second one


      Dear Experts,


      We have bought two MWG appliances and we also have two internet connections. Our offices are in Four Villas at same place and we want to have like


      Villa A and Villa B users connect to MWG1 for their access to internet and if they try to connect to MWG2, the MWG2 should drop their requests, Similarly


      Villa C and Villa D users connect to MWG2 and if they try to connect to MWG1 by changing proxy settings in their web browsers they MWG1 should drop their requests


      Please note we are using the default mode of the webgateway which is explicit proxy single NIC and users are required to enter MWG IP and port in their browsers.


      Please advise how to check this condition in first place before going to any other Rule, Do I need to create groups in AD for that ?


      Concerning the Reporter, for example if a user open a website and then gets busy in his work and forget to close the tab or browser where the website is open, is there a way that the browser automatically times out the session, this I need to know because if there is no time out then in report it will show that the user was on the website for 'x' amount of time while in fact he only spent some time there. Any suggestions for this ?


      Waiting for responses.


      Kind Regards,