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    total current connection command needed.

      does anyone know how to get an accurate current connection using command line?

      I am now adding numbers from connect_mon and ipfilter -v to get the number.  but it does not look like that i am getting the correct number.

      when i checked on command center, total number of proxy session and ipfilter sessions are much higher than numbers i get from CLI.

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          If you run the command 'alias' on the CLI you'll see the all the aliased commands on the firewall by default.


          You'll see these 4 among your alias commands:
          nn      netstat -naf inet | egrep -cv "LISTEN|TIME|SYN|\*.\*|Active|Address"
          nt      netstat -naf inet | grep -c ESTABLISHED
          nu      netstat -naf inet | egrep -cv "LISTEN|TIME|SYN|\*.\*|Active|Address|ESTABLISHED"
          nw      netstat -naf inet | grep -c TIME_WAIT


          If you look at the .cshrc file in your home directory (if you're using the tcsh shell) you'll see an explanation for these 4 commands:


          # To count total connections to and from SW
          alias nn 'netstat -naf inet | egrep -cv "LISTEN|TIME|SYN|\*.\*|Active|Address"'

          # To count total TCP connections to and from SW
          alias nt 'netstat -naf inet | grep -c ESTABLISHED'

          # To count total UDP connections tp (sic) and from SW
          alias nu 'netstat -naf inet | egrep -cv "LISTEN|TIME|SYN|\*.\*|Active|Address|ESTABLISHED"'

          # To count total sessions in TIME_WAIT
          alias nw 'netstat -naf inet | grep -c TIME_WAIT'


          These 4 commands (nn, nt, nu, nw) show a count (grep -c) of the number of sessions that match the grep string.  If you copy the command inside the single-quotes and run it without the -c you can see the details of the sessions it's counting.

          The 'nt' command seems to match the number of TCP 'Proxy Connections' shown in the Dashboard (the 'count' of ESTABLISHED connections).
          The 'nu' command does not match the UDP 'Proxy Connections' count from the Dashboard.  The Dashboard count looks to be the same as output of this command: 'netstat -an | grep -c udp4'.
          For the 'Packet Filter Sessions' counts from the dashboard you can run 'ipfilter -v|less' and look at the 'The current number of TCP[UDP] IP Filter sessions' lines at the top of the output.